What is actually mixed hair?


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28 Tem 2021
There are more and more different types of hair in wigs, including mixed hair. Here it is often not easy to keep an overview. Artificial hair or human hair is still a term for most people, although here, too, hardly anyone knows what the actual differences are in care, handling, durability, etc.. Mostly because one has never had to deal with hair loss before. Since a few years there is another hair fiber that has revolutionized the market: A thermal fiber - continuing the mixed hair. But what exactly is a thermal fiber wig? Basically, it is a synthetic fiber. However, the big difference is that it is heat resistant up to about 160°C. Thus, you can blow dry, straighten and style your hair replacement as you wish! Such an innovative hair fiber for a wig is of course only given to the best hoods (also called montures). Because not only the type of hair is an important quality criterion, but also the cap.

Why mixed hair and not pure thermal fiber wigs?

Like so many things, there are advantages and disadvantages everywhere. So also here. Thermal fiber is not as easy to blow-dry as human hair. And that's why the next innovation came: the mixed hair wig made of 50% human hair and 50% heat-resistant synthetic hair. So the advantages are obvious: The hair replacement can be blow-dried well, styled, does not tangle as easily as pure human hair and is heat resistant!

Is there also a disadvantage?

A disadvantage that should not be underestimated is the lack of possibility to dye the wig. A human hair wig can be dyed as desired (although you should never lighten it, as this would unnecessarily damage the hair fiber).

How much does a mixed hair wig cost?

The price is usually slightly less than a human hair wig. If you receive chemotherapy or are confronted with hair loss due to illness, it is also possible to receive a subsidy from your health insurance 1x per year. All you need is a prescription bill. We will be happy to advise you in the course of our consultation.

If you are dealing with the topic of wigs and hair loss for the first time, there is a lot of information you should know before you decide on a suitable hair replacement. We offer you to get our wig magazine for free.